by Ron Cowen


Synopsis: As the New York Times outlines: "Mr. Cowen's hero, just about to turn twenty, is discovered dreaming in the backyard (or is it less friendly territory?) and the action of the play is mostly what happens in his head as he surveys his life up to this particular afternoon. Going backward and forward in time with the swiftness of reverie, we see the young man's relationships with his well-meaning but obtuse father, his loving but possessive mother, his compliant but unsentimental girlfriend. The father keeps after him to dress better, make a lot of friends, stick to business, 'be a man.' The mother shuttles between a desire to see him out of the nest and a yen to keep him at home. The girlfriend will be faithful to him while he's in the Army; but, of course, she'll go to the movies with other fellows. Another character is a neighbor boy, in effect the hero's little brother and sometimes in effect, the hero as a kid. And there is a soldier who helps spell out the true location of this friendly summertree." Which is, ultimately, Vietnam, and a battle from which there will be no return. But the life cycle goes on, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but filled, always, with the bittersweet memories which must become, in the final essence, all that we can truly hold onto.



Young Man Doug Woodruff
Little Boy Paul Bedell
Mother Cherie Shuck
Father Brian Winfield
Girl Ann Marie Wester
Soldier Harold Lang


Creative Team

Director Tice L. Miller
Assistant Director Joyce Bliss
Scenic Designer George W. Loudon
Lighting Designer Pete Raby
Sound & Music Coordinator Steve Sheetz
Stage Manager Bob Tiller
University Theatre Manager Jane Tiller
Costume Mistress Martha Harris
Property Mistress Dee Dee Harwood