One Act Showcase 1

"Purgatory" by William Butler Yeats

Directed by Louise Hayter



Old Man Stephen Sheetz
Boy Rick Cotton


"Constantinople Smith" by Charles L. Mee, Jr.

Directed by Douglas J. Woodruff



Constantinople Smith Robert Bell
Christina Elaine Gustat
Reality Sam McCorvey


"Dust of the Road" by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman

Directed by Harold Lang



Prudence Steele Dee Dee Harwood
Old Man Bob Tiller
Tramp Rick Cotton
Peter Steele Mike Polis


"Crawling Around" by Jules Feiffer

Directed by Martha Harris



Barry Brian Winfield
Grace Connie Marse
Miss Sympathy Leler Bedenbaugh
Millie Annie J. Johnson
Arnold Frank Calhoun



Stage Managers Joe Motley
  Jay Pendergraft
  Pete Raby
  Cherie Shuck
Lighting Steve Cheney
  Doug Woodruff
Sound Steve Cheney
  Ralph Crago
Properties Tommy Carr
  Pattie Herring
  Tim Steele
  Charles Wooten