Summer & Smoke

by Tennessee Williams


Synopsis: One of Tennessee Williams’ most subtle and tender works, Summer and Smoke explores the conflict between the hedonistic body and the lofty spirit. Set in Mississippi, Alma Winemiller, the minister’s daughter, has grown up loving the boy who lives next door: John Buchanan, the doctor’s son, is a wild, adventurous, mischievous pleasure seeker. He spends the hot Mississippi summers drinking, gambling, and romancing. His only religion is the anatomy chart on his wall, and what it teaches him about man’s needs: food, truth, and lovemaking. Alma, on the other hand, is quiet, eccentric, and high-strung. Her name means “soul” in Spanish; she aspires to lofty spiritual goals, and holds to strong moral standards. Despite their differences, John and Alma are magnetically drawn to each other, and the spiritual and physical romance that almost blooms between the two of them is among the most engaging, romantic, and heartbreaking love stories in Williams’ canon.




Rev. Winemiller Frank Calhoun
Mrs. Winemiller Martha Harris
John Buchanan, Jr. Doug Woodruff
Alma Winemiller Dolores McCord
Rosa Gonzales Connie Metos
Nellie Ewell Virginia Ann Glynn
Roger Doremus Larry Alford
Dr. John Buchanan, Sr. Steve Sheetz
Mrs. Bassett Odette Salvaggio
Vernon Harold Lang
Rosemary Nita Lynne Karnes
Dusty Sam McCorvey
Gonzales Mike Spires
Archie Kramer Paul Allen Leavesley


Creative Team

Director Tice Miller
Assistant Director Jeanne Duncan
Set Designer Nautilus Players
Lighting Designer Ken Baum
Lighting Assistant Dave Briggs
Costume Designer Dolores McCord
Costume Mistress Martha Harris
Makeup Artist Margaret Holmes
Makeup Artist Joyce Bliss
Music & Sound Steve Sheetz
Technical Assistant G. Barton Stevenson
Production Coordinator Hal Floyd
Stage Manager Jeanne Duncan
Assistant Stage Manager James Thoma
Property Mistress Carol Godwin
House Manager Barbara Carlock
Publicity Coordinator Connie Marse
Publicity Assistant Larry Alford