The Star Spangled Girl

by Neil Simon


Synopsis: Set in San Francisco in the 1960s, the play is a story of a love triangle mixed with politics. Andy and Norman are radical liberals struggling to make a living working on their magazine, Fallout, which is dedicated to fighting "the system" in America. Sophie, a former Olympic swimmer, is an all-American, Southern girl who moves into the apartment next door. Norman immediately falls in love with Sohpie but his feelings are not reciprocated. Norman's obsession with Sophie makes Andy hire her just to keep the magazine going. When Sophie falls in love with Andy, the magazine and the men’s friendship are threatened.


Andy Hobart Larry Alford
Norman Cornell Harold Lang
Sophie Rauschmeyer



Creative Team


Director Hal Floyd
Assistant Director Mike Spires
Set Designer Pete Raby
Lighting Designer Bill Farrington
Lighting Designer Ken Baum
Production Coordinator Tice L. Miller
Technical Director Pete Raby
Technical Assistant Bob Tiller
Stage Manager Mike Spires
Property Manager Douglas Woodruff
House Manager Elaine Gustat
Publicity Coordinator Connie Marse
Publicity Coordinator Larry Alford