Capstone Portfolio Project

The Capstone Portfolio Project is to be a showcase of the student’s best work in their major courses. The design of the Capstone Portfolio Project will give the student an opportunity to gather together examples of quality achievements in the discipline. The portfolio should include a variety of types of work, such as exams, short essays, research papers, group projects, or other work in the discipline. The Capstone Portfolio Project must also include an introduction by the student that describes the contents within the Portfolio and justifies their inclusion as examples of the student's best work. In the introduction, the student will highlight features of the contents of the portfolio that best represent their achievements in the degree program. 

It is the student's responsibility to discuss his or her plan to construct a Capstone Portfolio Project with his or her faculty mentor no later than the beginning of the senior year of study. The student must then complete a "Capstone Portfolio Experience Proposal" (form available in the department office - to be signed by the student’s mentor).

Timetable for Capstone Portfolio Projects

  1. By the end of second week of classes, speak to your mentor about your intent to construct a Capstone Portfolio. Fill out and submit the Capstone Portfolio Declaration form in department office.
  2. By the end of fourth week of classes, speak to your mentor again and deliver a list of items to be included in the portfolio. At that stage your mentor may recommend additional items to include.
  3. By the end of seventh week of classes, speak to your mentor again and deliver an abstract for your Portfolio Presentation Paper.
  4. By the end of tenth week, speak to your mentor again and deliver a rough draft of your Portfolio Presentation Paper, along with the proposed contents of your portfolio. The mentor will return the draft in a timely manner, with comments, noting areas for improvement.
  5. By the end of the last week of classes, speak to your mentor again and deliver your final Capstone Portfolio. At that time you will fill in the self-assessment portion of the Capstone Assessment form.
  6. After evaluating the final Portfolio, your mentor will fill out a Capstone Completion Form in the Department office and submit it. Shortly thereafter the requirement will be ticked off on your degree audit and the requirement will be complete.