Nicholas Power


Dr. Nicholas Power, associate professor of philosophy, teaches in the areas of philosophy of sex and love, the philosophy of mind, ethics and political philosophy.

During the past 10 years, Power’s research has focused on the metaphysical and ethical issues of sex. He was the lead editor of The Philosophy of Sex: Contemporary Readings, a best-selling textbook, now in its sixth edition, that features 29 essays that examine the nature, morality and social meanings of contemporary sexual phenomena. He also wrote a chapter in that book, “Cheap Thrills: A Call for More Pornography,” that provides a defense for how pornography can serve a pedagogical function in sex education. He has also published encyclopedia entries, book chapters and reviews on various aspects of philosophy of sex, love and mind. 

His recent work has focused on the ethical and conceptual issues of paraphilias and the effectiveness of sexual offender laws.

A faculty member of the UWF philosophy department since 1996, Power served as co-director of the Florida Chapter of the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children. He is also a member of the American Philosophical Association, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and the Florida Philosophical Association.

Degrees & Institutions:

He received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from West Chester University, and a master’s and doctorate degrees in philosophy from Temple University.

Keywords: philosophy of sex, philosophy of love, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, paraphilia ethical issues