In a 2005 survey conducted by, employers ranked internships/experience as one of the top three criteria they use in hiring college graduates. Dedicated to providing students with the tools and experience they’ll need to succeed after college, the UWF Department of History offers numerous internship opportunities.


  • History internships provide students with opportunities to apply the skills and methodologies learned through their coursework.
  • Students learn how history practitioners work with multiple tasks, project deadlines, diverse publics and within non-academic settings as they complete their internship with an appropriate institution or agency.
  • Students complete appropriate project(s), collect documents and materials supporting their experience and keep a detailed journal of their activities.
  • Upon completion, students prepare a comprehensive internship report that they will defend before a departmental committee.


Ashley Lyttle, public history graduate student alumna, assisted in the research and editing process for the development of a museum exhibit titled “Collard Greens and Artistic Scenes: Stories of Pensacola Women of the 1930s,” displayed at the T. T. Wentworth Jr. Florida State Museum. “Seeing the completion of such a noteworthy project has been the most fulfilling experience in my graduate studies,” said Lyttle. “I have worked with and researched some of the most amazing women, all of whom have changed my life in some shape or fashion.”