Securing Appropriate Internships

Students arrange an internship that will provide a suitable set of public history focused experiences. This process will expand the student’s communication, writing, and organizational skills while providing them with an understanding of the intangibles of the process. Throughout this process, the student’s internship adviser will assist in making arrangements and assuring that the placement will provide an appropriate cultivation of skills as well as acceptable academic standards.

Internship Agreement

Once the student and the internship advisor secure an appropriate internship, they and the sponsoring agency/organization sign an internship agreement. This contract between the parties assures that the student will complete, within the specified period and number of internship hours, a specific project or projects. This agreement assures that the sponsoring agency/organization will receive a completed product, that the student will engage in beneficial activities during their involvement and that the internship advisor will verify that the process meets appropriate academic, professional and ethical standards.

Internship Activities

Students engage in a specified project or projects, which incorporate applied history skills and methodologies. As the student conducts these projects, he/she will keep copies of all materials and documents used as well as records of any meetings, discussions, similar projects and/or correspondence. Additionally, the student will keep a detailed internship journal of daily actives and experiences. To assure the success of the process, students will maintain regular contact with their agency/organization supervisor as well as weekly contact with their internship advisor. Students will provide regular written updates of progress and activities.

Final Products

Upon completion of the internship, the student will submit all completed product materials to the internship granting agency. As a reflection of the student, UWF and the Department of History all materials must demonstrate the highest academic, professional and ethical standards. Both the student and the internship advisor will coordinate to verify compliance with these standards.