The University of West Florida Department of History seeks to provide a foundation for better understanding the world in which we live, to produce high quality scholarship that makes a significant contribution to the discipline and to serve community needs by providing a source for historical information and expertise crucial to preserving heritage, especially Northwest Florida.

Program Description

The Department of History offers a Bachelor of Arts in History, three Master of Arts degrees in Traditional History, Early American Studies, and Public History, as well as a certificate program in Historic Preservation for graduate students. 

These programs challenge students to contemplate the world around them and think about why things are the way they are. This includes the exploration of our own and others’ cultural identity; the origins of modern institutions and traditions; and the worldview of past and present cultures across the globe. Students of history gain a wider understanding of humankind that helps them make decisions about their present and future by considering the different perspectives of past actors. More technically, students in history gain the tools necessary to communicate effectively, whether oral or written, as well as training in thinking critically, researching, and challenging accepted ideas with evidence.

Dr. Erin Stone

Faculty Feature

Dr. Erin Stone 

The history department welcomed multiple teachers this past year. Dr. Erin Stone is the newest Latin American and Atlantic History specialist. She teaches a variety of courses, including the Conquest of the Caribbean and the Cold War in South America. Dr. Stone recently graduated in May of 2014 with her PhD from Vanderbilt University. While beginning her teaching career, she is also working to get her dissertation turned into a book titled, “Captives of Conquest: How Indigenous Slavery Shaped the Spanish Atlantic, 1490-1570.” When not teaching and working on research projects, Dr. Stone and her husband spend their time at the beach surfing and paddle boarding. 

Learn more about Dr. Erin Stone and the Department of History faculty. 

350x220 Maritime Heritage Trail
Photo courtesy of Michael Spooneybarger, CREO.

Historians, Archaeologists Plan Maritime Heritage Trail for Pensacola

By Richard Conn, CREO/ May 3, 2016

A trail that documents Pensacola’s rich maritime history is slated for the downtown area later this year.

The “Pensacola Maritime Heritage Trail” is ... Read more.

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