The University of West Florida Department of History seeks to provide a foundation for better understanding the world in which we live, to produce high quality scholarship that makes a significant contribution to the discipline and to serve community needs by providing a source for historical information and expertise crucial to preserving heritage, especially Northwest Florida.

Student Spotlight: Moni Boling

Moni Boling, a retired Army veteran with 22-years of active duty service, is an alumnus of UWF's Public History Graduate Program. When still enrolled as a student during the spring semester of 2014, Moni completed a paper on General Nathanael Greene as a requirement of Dr. Matt Pursell's American Revolution course and submitted it for publication to Officer Review, a journal published by The Military Order of the World Wars. Released in two parts, Moni’s paper entitled “Nathanael Greene: Underappreciated Patriot” appeared in the November and December 2014 issues of Officer Review. In his article, Moni argues that General Greene’s battlefield contributions had a significant impact on the success of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. In August 2015, he received the VADM George C. Dyer Writing Excellence Award, 2014-2015 First Prize Award for his article. Congratulations Moni!

Nathanael Greene: Underappreciated Patriot

Student Spotlight: Mary Catherine Eddins

The Department of History is proud to announce that recent alumna Mary Catherine Eddins will be joining Monument Conservation Collaborative (MCC), a firm specializing in historic graveyard conservation that operates both domestically and internationally. Mary Catherine completed her graduate degree in Public History in summer 2014. As part of the requirements of her degree, she completed a practicum project at St. Michael’s Cemetery in downtown Pensacola during which she led tours for the public four times a week and organized the foundation’s archives. More recently, she assisted MCC in restoring damage to the cemetery caused by vandalism.


Dr. Champagne in Ostia Antica

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Dr. Killgrove in Ostia Antica

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