The Department of Government at UWF offers a Bachelor of Arts with specializations in political science, pre-law and international studies. Students gain a foundation in the principles of government, politics and political leadership, international affairs and civic engagement in communities to which they belong.

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The Department of Government offers students specializations

Program Description

The Department of Government offers a B.A. in Political Science, including a Pre-Law option, a B.A. in International Studies, and an M.A. in Political Science. Students may also acquire minors in the respective areas of studies. 

These liberal arts programs challenge students to think about timeless questions pertaining to the governance of human societies, such as the origin and evolution of law and justice, the workings of political institutions and processes, the exercise of political leadership, the comparative performance of regimes, problems of war and peace and contemporary political issues.


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Dr. Jacob Shively, assistant professor

Faculty Feature

New Book Considers Obama Foreign Policy Strategy

In his new book, “Hope, Change, Pragmatism: Analyzing Obama's Grand Strategy,” Dr. Jacob Shively, steps away from ideology and applies a framework that attempts to objectively help readers understand the administration’s approach.

... Read more from the Center of Research and Economic Opportunity. 

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Technology in the Classroom

Students in the Department of Government are utilizing technology offered by UWF's Data Analytics Lab. The Data Analytics Lab utilizes Crestron AirMedia technology, providing students with a more innovative, collaborative learning environment than the traditional classroom setting allows. 

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