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Mentoring Student Interns

In order to accomplish the objectives of the internship program, the internship must be a mutually beneficial partnership between the student and your business or organization.

Responsibilities of Internship Supervisor

A well-qualified supervisor at your business or organization should oversee the intern and assume responsibility for maintaining effective communication with the Department of English internship coordinator.  Specific duties performed by the internship supervisor are not limited to but include:

  • Interview applicants for the intern position
  • Provide written outline of intern responsibilities in Internship Agreement form
  • Confer with student intern periodically about his/her progress in the internship
  • Provide written evaluation of student at mid-term and conclusion of semester

Responsibilities of Intern Coordinator

  • Set up interview process with student/employer
  • Conduct intern orientation sessions
  • Conduct group meetings first and last week of internship
  • Conduct on-site visitation during internship when possible
  • Maintain records of internships in central location

Responsibilities of Student Intern

  • Meet with faculty advisor to qualify for internship
  • Complete an application for internship program
  • Attend internship orientation session
  • Meet with internship coordinator to set up interview with prospective intern employer
  • Sign internship agreement form outlining responsibilities
  • Attend group meetings with internship coordinator first and last weeks of internship semester
  • Submit a mid-term and final report to the intern coordinator


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