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The study of literature provides an outstanding opportunity to cultivate the life of the mind, perhaps the most rewarding of all human pursuits. Reading and analyzing literature teaches us to think critically and deliberately, never shying away from difficult or controversial topics.

"Together we read— to understand, to enjoy, to be awed and broadened—and we speak, we write, to clarify, to capture ideas, to share with others the new insights we have stumbled upon, inherited, earned.”  

Dr. Robert F. Yeager, UWF Professor of English
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The Department of English

The Department of English is a hub of loud, embracing energy that generates student awareness of language and culture that is crucial for success in the professional world.  Through our Master’s programs and undergraduate degree programs, we train students in the arts of writing, critical thinking, argumentation. 

Students in our programs benefit from community-based internships, hands-on teaching experience in the UWF Writing Lab, small classes, visiting lectures by notable scholars and writers, and participant-centered workshops. Our students and faculty also publish two literary journals: Troubadour, the student magazine of poetry, fiction and graphic art, and Panhandler, distributed and recognized nationally as an important showcase for fresh creative voices.  The Department also boasts its own book imprint, Panhandler Books.

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UWF English Students’ Research Highlighted on National Stage

Students in the University of West Florida’s Department of English have recently gotten the opportunity to present their research at prestigious conferences across the country.

“Over the past few years UWF has made some great strides forward in terms of supporting research, both graduates and undergraduates,” said Dr. Gregory Tomso, chair of the Department of English. “With the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the new money coming from UWF’s Center for Research and Economic Opportunity, we have a lot more financial support to offer our students. ... Read more.

Postdoctoral Research Associate Becomes First to Receive External Grant

Dr. Ashley Clayson recently became the first postdoctoral research associate at the University of West Florida to be awarded an external grant.

The $5,000 grant from the Association for Business Communication will help Clayson, who works in the Department of English, study the effectiveness of eportfolios for both students and their prospective employers. Students in the Department of English’s Public, Technical, and Workplace Writing Certificate Program create eportfolios. ... Read more

The UWF Writing Lab

Graduate and undergraduate Writing Lab assistants are available to review the mechanics of writing with you and help you upgrade the quality of your papers before you submit these papers to your professors. Face-to-face readers and OWL (Online Writing Lab) readers are available to help you with your papers from invention to publication or presentation to your professor. Visit the UWF Writing Lab online. 

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First Year Composition

While first-year composition may be a service course in which the goal is to meet the needs of the academic community, we believe the best way to meet those needs is by teaching critical literacy, that is, teaching students to think, read (listen, view, watch, perceive), and write critically. Visit the First Year Composition program online

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English Internship Program

The Department of English's’ internship program has fostered community partners who provide mutually beneficial internship opportunities that give students access to those “hands-on learning opportunities” that enhance their academic experience. Visit the English Intership Program online

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