English Internship Program

"Considering all that I have learned while at Gulf Coast Kids House, I am undoubtedly better prepared to enter into the professional arena and pursue my career aspirations than before my stay as an intern with Mrs. Kostevicki and her team. My time at Gulf Coast Kids House taught me more about navigating the professional work force, specifically that of a non-profit organization, than I had ever anticipated, and I am incredibly thankful for the continued mentoring and guidance I received as part of this internship program."--Taylor Willbanks, intern, Gulf Coast Kids House


What is an Internship?

An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 24, 2001, defines academic internships as “three-way partnerships among an institution of higher education, the intern­ship site, and the student. They have an irreplaceable role in the liberal arts by providing hands-on learning opportunities, allowing students to collaborate closely with faculty, and strengthening ties between the college and the community.”

The Department of English and World Languages’ internship program has fostered community partners who provide mutually beneficial internship opportunities that give students access to those “hands-on learning opportunities” that enhance their academic experience. 

Students in the internship program are supervised by our internship coordinator who is in continual contact with the on-site supervisor at the internship site.  The coordinator provides preliminary resume and interview preparation meetings at the beginning of the internship and continued support and contact throughout the student’s internship.


“Even in highly skilled positions, we often value practical experience even over education. Our strategies, philosophies,
and procedures can be readily taught; it's those who can hit the ground running
in a variety of roles that get our attention.”

-- Adam Tillinghast, Editor, Indigo River Publishing


Who is eligible for an internship?

Qualifying students must be majors in the Department of English and Foreign Languages.  Students must be undergraduates with 90 completed credit hours and a 3.0 gpa or graduates with first semester completed and a 3.0 gpa.



Don’t wait! Applications are due by first week of registration for upcoming semesters. Contact ras@uwf.edu for application and more.



“My resume now features fifteen to twenty publications alongside professional experience that relates to my career field.”

--Gregory Riley, intern, Ballinger Publishing



Are internships credited?

Undergraduate and graduate internships are 3 credit hour courses. A student may complete two semesters of internships (up to 6 credit hours).

Undergraduate internships may count as capstone experience.


Steps to establishing an internship


                      1. Complete the internship application.
                      2. Meet with intern coordinator.  Call or email Regina Sakalarios-Rogers: 474-2926 or ras@uwf.edu.
                      3. Interview with on-site internship supervisor.
                      4. Complete Internship Agreement with supervisor.



“The opportunity to contribute to the success of such a great organization and to work with people as lovely and passionate as the volunteers at Open Books has helped me to grow as a person and as a professional, and I consider the whole experience invaluable.”

Lauren Massey, intern, Open Books


Are internships difficult and time consuming?

No more difficult or time consuming than any of your other courses.  In fact, you have control over these factors.  You will establish your days and hours with your intern supervisor. You even establish the parameters of your learning.  During your interview with the on-site internship supervisor you will have the opportunity to express what you would like to learn and experience and they will share with you their expectations. 


During your internship, the Department of English and World Languages supervisor will be available throughout your internship to give you support, provide you with guidance, and ensure you are being treated fairly and getting the learning experience you desire. 


 “Engaging in each of the various stages of the editing process – from top-level manuscript review to bottom-level proofreading – all under the supervision and guidance of the company founder has deepened my understanding of the complexities of the publishing industry.”

-Hunter Brown, intern, Indigo River Publishing


Internship opportunities available in

Book Publishing
Magazine Publishing
Grant Writing
Book Sales
Theater Education
Customized Internships


at the following organizations

Indigo River Publishing
Ballinger Publishing
Izon Models & Talent
Gulf Coast Kids House
Pensacola Little Theater
EmCare (2 positions, paid stipend)
Open Books
American Society of Magazine Editors (paid internship in New York)
UWF Library
Many others or we can set up a new intern site just for you


Like us on Facebook at UWF Writing & Editing Interns for more detailed information directly from interns and for program updates and information.



Businesses or organizations interested in our program may contact Regina Sakalarios-Rogers by email (ras@uwf.edu) or phone (474-2926). 


“During my internship, not only was I able to make use of the skills that I had already established through working towards my English degree, but I was also able to refine and hone these skills, as well as establish new ones.”

-      Emily Erland, intern, Baptist Campus Ministries