Communication Arts

The Department of Communication Arts offers a framework for exploring human communication and will serve as your pathway to the types of careers where you can make a difference in the world around you. We prepare students to synthesize large amounts of complex information --- then create, design, and deliver advocacy and information to multiple public audiences in a multitude of message formats.

Communication Arts

The Department of Communication Arts

Mixing academic theory with project-oriented/skill building classroom assignments and hands-on experience, our graduates enter the professional world prepared to affect change and build successful careers in communication. We focus on fostering students' intellect and creativity in a relaxed, personal atmosphere that emphasizes quality work and high standards in the development of your professional communication skills. And we supplement the academic work with real-world lessons to help you become productive and involved citizens in our society.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree features five areas of specialization including advertising, communication, journalism, public relations and telecommunications/film.

Our Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership provides in-depth study on how to make decisions, build strategies, design innovative messages, and change beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. We also offer a graduate certificate in Health Communication Leadership.

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