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Students participate in art installations and exhibitions.

B.A in Art

Students pursuing a BA in Art may specialize in studio art or art history.

Program Description 

The Bachelor of Arts in Art offers students the opportunity to specialize in either Studio Art or Art History. The program challenges students to analyze and interpret visual content, while recognizing historical styles and the cultural forces that shape them. Students master critical thinking skills, while developing conceptual frameworks for researching and evaluating bodies of work.  

All majors are required to complete a capstone experience, which integrates all learned concepts. Students produce a cohesive body of work in their field of choice, preparing them for success in their career field. 

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Program Specializations

Student Art Exhibition

Studio Art

Students pursuing the studio art specialization can concentrate in any one of several media, each with its own dedicated facilities and equipment: drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, computer imaging, printmaking, photography, and ceramics. 

100x75 God.Sistine Chapel

Art History

Art History majors may choose one of two areas of focus. Students may choose to prepare for future graduate school study or complete practical training needed for museum and gallery professionals. 

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Courses and Current Course Catalog

View the course catalog to see a listing of current course offerings for the BA of Art program.

Program Contact

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