"The atmosphere of UWF Art Department is so cool and the instructors are awesome. Not only do they provide great feedback and steer me in the right directions, but they also provide me with the best information about art. I love the art history classes where I learn things I can't find anywhere else."  Ahsha Bell, Printmaking major

"At UWF I have access to an amazing mix of art professors, each happy to share their knowledge with me. There is more than one professor in each field of study, which provides me with an important opportunity for second opinions and group discussions. Along with my instructors and fellow students, we make up a community that I find vital to the progression of my own work." Molly Bo Bowen, Painting major

"The UWF art department gave me a great opportunity to explore my artistic vision fully and intensely. I was able to try many different things, and my professors guided me, while I experimented at my pace. I feel at home in the art department. The atmosphere is great, the students are a second family, and the faculty is caring. The BFA program is intense, but it really prepares the students for graduate school. Have I mentioned I was accepted into five graduate programs out of six? As I said, great preparation!", Marzia Prendergast, Painting major