As part of this capstone course for Digital Art and Graphic Design majors, internships are offered by local community members and businesses to students interested in furthering a career within the commercial realm of design. Students have the option of finding their own position or choosing from some of our on-going relationships, including Splash Magazine and Coco Design. This is a 3-credit course and a requirement for the BFA degree specializing in Digital Art and the BA in Graphic Design. It can be used once as the capstone to either degree and is repeatable as a 4000-level elective. 120 total work hours are required for completion.

In this capstone course of the Art Education Specialization, student teachers can elect an elementary school setting, a secondary art classroom, or both. All internships are limited to Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Credit earned may vary from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the length of the internship assignments. Students who select the full 12-hour option should not enroll in additional coursework, or pursue employment during the Art Internship experience. Graded on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis only.

Art History majors, who plan careers in a museum setting, can elect a capstone experience that provides them with practical experience in managing and promoting a museum or art gallery. Placements in several area non-profit organizations are possible, but students must seek official approval from all parties, well in advance of the actual registration for the practicum. While students participate in a full range of museum/gallery activities, they are also expected to complete a specific project. Course offered concurrently with ARH 5947. Graduate students will be assigned additional work.