Art Courses by Area

The Art Department regularly offers over 80 undergraduate courses, and 10 graduate courses. Courses below are listed below in five general categories. Their are eight general categories within Studio. For all categories see also Courses for Non-Majors listed at the bottom of the page.


Studio Art:

Digital Art and Design
Theory and Application

Art History
Art Education
Art Courses for Non-Majors

For freshmen and sophomore Art majors
ART1300C Drawing I : Fundamentals
ART1301C Drawing II : Fundamentals
ART2201C Two-Dimensional Design
ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design
ARH2050 Western Survey I: Greek to Renaissance
ARH2051 Western Survey II: Baroque to Contemporary


ART2500C Painting I Fundamentals
ART3504C Painting II The Figure
ART3505C Painting III Advanced
ART3930 Special Topics in Painting and Drawing
ART4506C Painting IV Advanced
ART4520C Painting Personal Directions

ART1300C Drawing I : Fundamentals
ART1301C Drawing II : Fundamentals
ART3312C Drawing III The Figure
ART3930 Special Topics in Painting and Drawing
ART4332C Drawing IV Advanced
ART4333C Drawing V Advanced
ART4386C Drawing Personal Directions

Digital Art and Design
ART2600C Intro to Digital Studio Practice
ART3613C Digital Multimedia
ART3660C Digital Photo Exploration
ART3620C Artist's Video
ART3618C Introduction to Web-based Art
ART3484C Principles of Graphic Art
ART4990C Advanced Graphics I
ART4991C Advanced Graphics II
ART4633C Advanced Web Techniques for Designers
ART4619C Advanced Digital Multimedia
ART4632C Digital Studio Senior Project

ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design
ART2701C Fundamentals of Sculpture
ART3714C Advanced Sculpture: Exploring Materials
ART3739C Advanced Sculpture: Site Specific Installation
ART3737C Advanced Sculpture: Non-Place
ART3718C Advanced Sculpture: Intro to New Genres
ART4712C Sculpture: Personal Directions

ART3760C Ceramics
ART3762C Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
ART3762C Ceramics: Hand Building
ART3769C Sculptural Ceramics
ART4787C Ceramics: Personal Directions

PGY2401C Photography as Art Form
PGY3420C Photo Art II
PGY4104C Creative Darkroom
PGY4940C Photo: Personal Directions

ART2400C General Printmaking
ART3442C Advanced Printmaking: Intaglio
ART4461C Printmaking: Personal Directions

Theory and Application
ART3213C Advanced Ideas and Concepts
ART3827C Conceptual Research and Development
ART4662C Conceptual Exploration in Mixed Print Media
ART4XX3C New and Mixed Media: Personal Directions
ART4800C Professional Seminar I
ART4890C Professional Seminar II
ART4941C Professional Seminar III

ARH2050 Western Survey I: Greek to Renaissance
ARH2051 Western Survey II: Baroque to Contemporary
ARH3590 Perspectives in Ancient and World Art
ARH3610 American Art
ARH3871 Women in Art
ARH4112 Aegean Bronze Age and Greek Art and Architecture
ARH4150 Etruscan and Roman Art and Architecture
ARH4305 Early Italian Renaissance Art
ARH4302 Late Renaissance Art in Italy
ARH4412 Nineteenth-Century Art
ARH4450 Modern Art 1900-1950
ARH4470 Art after 1950
ARH4652 Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Andes
ARH4653 Art and Archaeology of Mesoamerica
ARH4710 History of Photography
ARH4830C Museum and Gallery Studies
ARH4835 Museum and Gallery Studies Practicum
ARH4900 Readings in Art History
ARH4911 Research in Art History
ARH4930 History of Art History Seminar
ARH4955 Museum, Gallery, or Foreign Study Program
ARH5315 Early Italian Renaissance Art
ARH5314 Late Renaissance Art in Italy
ARH5440 Nineteenth-Century Art
ARH5465 Modern Art 1900-1950
ARH5482 Art after 1950
ARH5658 Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Andes
ARH5659 Art and Archaeology of Mesoamerica
ARH5836 Museum and Gallery Studies
ARH6913 Research in Art History

ARE3314C Methods and Materials in Elementary Art Instruction
ARE4316C Special Methods in Art Education
ARE4662 Arts and the Community
ARE4940 Art Education Internship

ARE3313C Teaching of Art in the Elementary School
ARH1010 Introduction to Art History
ART1015C Exploring Artistic Vision
ART2821 Art and Visual Culture Today
ART3313C Drawing for Non-Majors
ART3500C Painting for Non-Majors