The Art Gallery (TAG) at the University of West Florida seeks to challenge, stimulate, and engage students and the greater public through direct interaction with works of contemporary art. The Art Gallery’s annual series of revolving exhibitions highlights innovative regional, national, and international artists and artwork. These exhibitions seek to promote contemporary critical thinking and cultural inspiration for the benefit of UWF students and the greater Gulf Coast community.

Every year, the Art Gallery (TAG) features several group and individual exhibitions including an Annual Student Art Show, an Annual Art Faculty Exhibition, and several graduating BFA Exit Shows. The revolving exhibits focus on innovative regional, national, and international artworks that promote contemporary critical thinking and cultural inspiration. The Gallery functions as a not-for-profit pedagogical space, whose main focus is to create a forum for critical thinking, dialog, and innovative artworks.

The Art Gallery is ideally located across from Main stage Theatre and Music Hall in the Center of Fine and Performing Arts. Its high ceilings and 1,800 square feet offer a creative setting and flow of traffic for artists to display work. The Gallery accepts proposals from emerging and established contemporary artists year around.

For more information check out the Gallery Blog or email the Curator, Nicholas Croghan at or