Hamilton's Wreck: an Archaeological and Historical Inquiry into the Regional Maritime Culture of Pensacola, Florida 1900-1920

Robin Edward Moore

          This thesis details the archaeological excavation of an unidentified schooner wreck in Pensacola Bay and researches the role this vessel played within the regional maritime economy and culture during the early twentieth century. No artifacts or features defined the use of this schooner and the focus of the historical research is more systemic in nature, analyzing use of schooner types within the maritime economy of the Pensacola region. This historical archaeological thesis is structured under anthropological inquiries in order to produce data that can readily contribute to the comparative study of shipwreck archaeology and to more general theories of maritime culture. The inquiries also proved very useful for illuminating various aspects of Northwest Florida's historical maritime culture and for the practical application of determining the particulars of this wreck. Results of this research strongly suggest that this schooner operated in Pensacola's red snapper industry during the early twentieth century.