Spatial Analysis of Cultural Components on the Barrancas Site, 8ES1354

David Earl Breetzke

          This thesis focuses on the spatial extent and characteristics of the historic military communities that were located on a portion of the "Red Cliffs," or Barrancas, overlooking Pensacola Pass on the northern Gulf Coast during the Colonial through Antebellum periods. These settlements were significant in terms of the European struggle for the lower Mississippi valley and northern Gulf Coast. Historical information about the site was gathered from previously translated Spanish documents relating to their occupation along with British and United States government records, as well as secondary sources related to the occupation. Archaeological data employ ceramic temporal marker artifacts to form spatial distribution maps that provide a model of the multiple occupations on the site. This research provides baseline data about these settlements for future comparison and results in the delineation of the site boundaries and characteristics of each Colonial and Antebellum military settlement on the Barrancas site during this 162-year span of time.