Biological Anthropology

Faculty at UWF participate in and direct a variety of projects related to bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology. Students interested in these projects are encouraged to contact the relevant professor for more information about helping out with this research.

Intramural Burial in the Roman Suburbs

Dr. Killgrove has been working at the Roman site of Gabii since 2010 as the staff bioarchaeologist. The project is directed by Dr. Nicola Terrenato at the University of Michigan and seeks to learn about the development and collapse of this urban area just 20 km east of Rome. Dr. Killgrove's research involves an osteological and biochemical analysis of the burials with the goal of answering questions about health, lifestyle, diet, and status.

More information: Gabii Project / Dr. Killgrove's Website

Medieval Population and Space: Interdisciplinary Research into the Origin of Berlin's First Population

Dr. Killgrove is undertaking isotope analyses of skeletons discovered at Petriplatz, a Medieval cemetery associated with the founding of modern Berlin, Germany, in the early 13th century. This project is led by German archaeologist Claudia Melisch. In Fall 2015, Dr. Killgrove received a Florida Research Fellowship from UWF for further analysis.

More information: Dr. Killgrove's Website

Virtebra - Virtual Bones and Artifacts Lab

Dr. Killgrove and Dr. Gougeon have been working with graduate students to 3D scan and 3D print artifacts, bones, and other items of interest from UWF's collections.

More information: Research SpotlightVirtebra blog; UWF News Item (Nov. 2015)