Faculty and Staff

Adjunct Instructors of the Division of Anthropology & Archaeology


Wayne Abrahamson

Education: B.A. Anthropology, San Diego State University; M.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida. 

 Whiskey and Window Panes: The Archaeological Investigation of a Side-Wheel Steamboat at Seminole, Alabama.

Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology (ANT2000), Principles of Archaeology (ANT3101), Peoples and Cultures of the World (ANT3212).

Email: wabrahamson@uwf.edu

Office: Building 13, Room 127 

Monica Beck

Education: B.S. Industrial Relations (Economics and History), UNC Chapel Hill; M.A. Anthropology (Historical Archaeology), University of South Carolina

Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology (ANT2000)

Email: mbeck2@uwf.edu



Patricia Gleich

Education: A.B. English, M.A. and Ed.S., Educational Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University; Graduate Certificate in Social Gerontology, Indiana University; Ed.D. Social Science, University of West Florida. 

Teaches: Introduction to Sociology (SYG2000); Family (SYO3100); Popular Culture (SYP3630).

Email: pgleich1@uwf.edu

Profiles: Academia.edu


Chie Jex

Education: M.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida.

Thesis: Social Conformity and Nationalism in Japan

Teaches: Peoples and Cultures of the World (ANT3212); Japanese Culture (ANT3363).

Email: cjex2@uwf.edu

Tomas Lopez

Education: B.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida; M.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida. 

Thesis: Themes Influencing the Future of Booth Rentals in Hair Salons

Teaches: Cultural Ecology (ANT3403); Peoples and Cultures of the World (ANT3212); Anthropology of the Bible (ANT4247); Race, Ethnicity, and Culture (ANT4451).

Email: tlopez@uwf.edu