Student Accomplishments

Student accomplishments from the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology

Graduate students Linda Suzanne Borgen and Danielle Dadiego with Dr. Jane Halonen, Dr. John Bratten, and Dr. John Worth

The anthropology students at UWF have been hard at work. We would like to acknowledge those who have received awards and grants or presented papers and posters at the various anthropology and archaeology conferences and events.

Andrea Acosta 2015 UWF Graduate Student Research Grant to support thesis project entitled "Gabii - A Biochemical Study of Skeletons from the 5th Century BC, Italy."
Nicole Mauro Awarded an internship with the U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, D.C.
Anthony Hudson Presented in February 2016 at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences meetings in Las Vegas
Mariana Zechini Published a paper in the Quarterly Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Virginia titled "Digital zooarchaeology: using 3D technology on archaeofaunal collections"

Every Year the University and our department presents awards to outstanding graduate and undergraduate students in Anthropology, Historical Archaeology and Maritime Studies.  Previous recipients include.

Svitlana Belova Valdez Anthropology Outstanding Undergraduate Student 2016
Mark Roberson Maritime Studies Outstanding Undergraduate Student 2016
Meghan Mumford Historical Archaeology Outstanding Graduate Student 2016
Andrea Acosta Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Student 2016
Sabrina Cummings Anthropology Outstanding Student 2015
Eric Bencivenga Maritime Studies Outstanding Student 2015
Nicole Bucchino College of Arts and Science Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2015
Gregg Harding Anthropology Outstanding Research Assistant 2015
Shevan Wilkin Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Student 2015
Katherine Sims Anthropology Outstanding Student 2014
Jeffery McNiven Maritime Studies Outstanding Student 2014
Kelsey Mcguire Anthropology Outstanding Research Assistant 2014
Patricia McMahon Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Student 2014
Katherine Michael Maritime Studies Outstanding Student 2013
Morgan Smith Anthropology Outstanding Student 2013
April Holmes College of Arts and Science Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2013
Lauren Walls Anthropology Outstanding Research Assistant 2013
Linda Hoang Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Assistant 2013 
Angela Matusik Maritime Studies Outstanding Student 2012
Renee Robinson Anthropology Outstanding Student 2012
Christine Mavrick College of Arts and Science Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2012
Nicole Buccincio Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Student 2012
Sara Hooker Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Student 2012
Christopher Dewey Maritime Studies Outstanding Student 2011
Colin Keohane Anthropology Outstanding Student Award 2011
Kendra Kennedy College of Arts and Science Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2011
Danielle Dadiego Anthropology Outstanding Research Assistant 2011
Linda Suzanne Borgen Anthropology Outstanding Graduate Student 2011