CASSH Advisor Directory

View the directory of CASSH advisors for contact information and programs of study.

Brenton Avery

  • Building 50, Room 134
  • (850) 474-2660
  • Programs: International Studies, Political Science (BA and MA), and Political Science Pre-Law

Kate Baumann

Karen Belmore

Dr. John Bratten

Dr. Gregory Cook

Dr. Ramie Gougeon

Miriam Hoover

Cindi Jackson

  • Building 13, Room 131
  • (850) 474-2797
  • Programs: Anthropology-General, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, and Maritime Studies

Dr. Kristina Killgrove

Dr. Meredith Marten

Marzia Ransom

  • Building 82, Room 210A
  • (850) 474-2676
  • Programs: Studio Art, Art History, Fine Art, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Music Education, Music Performance, Theatre, and Musical Theatre

Katie Riesenberg

Joyce Southard

Rebecca Steward

Dr. John Worth

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