General Education Subjects


Communication consists of a traditional two-semester composition sequence. The first course emphasizes mechanics, retorical design, and voice; the second provides practice in larger expository structures, requires library use and documentation, and involves readings in and writing about literary works. Courses in this category are writing intensive experiences.


Mathematics involves investigations of and practice in the various facets and methods of mathematics ranging from algebra and geometry to calculus and statistics.


Humanities courses include literature, philosophy and the fine arts. Students will be exposed to cultural values and expressions. Some courses in this category will be writing intensive experiences.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences courses include the disciplines of history, economics, anthropology, psychology, social work, government, finance, geography, business, communication, and legal studies. Students are exposed to historical, behavioral, and socio-political perspectives.

Natural Sciences

Natural sciences investigate and explore nature's organic and inorganic creations in which systematic methods are used to discover the rules that govern nature.