General Education Skills

Throughout your time in courses in General Education, you will develop competencies that will help you in your upper division coursework, your future career and beyond.

Critical Thinking

  • Analysis/Evaluation: Exhibit discipline-based higher order thinking skills
  • Problem Solving: Solve discipline-based problems using conventional strategies
  • Creativity: Produce novel approaches in disciplinary contexts
  • Information Literacy: Select credible evidence to support arguments


  • Writing: Communicate effectively and persuasively in multiple writing modes
  • Speaking: Communicate effectively and persuasively in multiple speaking modes
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Use mathematics to assist in solving problems
  • Tech/Visual Literacy: Use technology effectively for a variety of purposes


  • Academic Integrity: Practice appropriate standards related to respect for intellectual property
  • Personal/Cultural Values: Articulate one's own values and describe how they influence personal decisions
  • Ethical Reasoning: Develop and maintain defensible ethical positions in moral challenges
  • Diversity Skills: Interact effectively with individuals who do not share your heritage

Multicultural Requirement

An important component of a liberal education is the study of cultures other than one's own. As such, multiculturalism encompasses the appreciation of the values, expressions, and modes of organization of diverse cultural communities.

Multicultural Requirements

Gordon Rule

To fulfill the writing and mathematics requirement for earning the first baccalaureate degree, students are required to satisfy the Gordon Rule for writing and math. Students must have a grade of "C" or better in the courses to successfully complete this requirement. 

Gordon Rule Requirements

Civic Literacy

The study of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship supports a rich academic experience, contributes to career readiness, and equips students to participate fully in the democratic process.

Civic Literacy