General Education Course Syllabi

General Education course syllabi should include a statement of General Education student learning outcomes and an attendance policy. Each semester, all General Education course syllabi are reviewed and evaluated for the inclusion of these two elements.

General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Departments offering General Education courses are required to report on student learning outcomes from the General Education Student Learning Outcomes. These General Education SLOs must be listed on the syllabi of all sections of General Education courses.

  • The distribution area (Communication, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Science, or Natural Science) of the course determines which SLO(s) must be utilized.
  • List the General Education SLO(s) with your course outcomes in addition to including the General Education Student Learning Outcome Statement outlined below.
  • Syllabi must include descriptions of assignments serving as embedded assessments for General Education SLOs.
Sample General Education Student Learning Outcome Statement

[Course Name] is designated as a General Education course. The General Education curriculum at the University of West Florida is designed to provide a cohesive program of study that promotes the development of a broadly educated person and provides the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in university studies. This course has been approved as meeting your requirement in the [Distribution area]. The major General Education learning outcomes for this course are [Learning Outcome 1] and [Learning Outcome 2]*. Students will learn and practice [Learning Outcome 1] through through a [quiz, exam, etc.] and [Learning Outcome 2]* through a [quiz, exam, etc.], which will be used to assess the General Education curriculum. 

If you are interested in a major in [your academic program] you should contact the [your academic department] at [department main phone number]. If you are undecided about your major, you should contact your academic advisor or Career Services at 850-474-2254.

*Natural Science courses report on only one Critical Thinking learning outcome.

General Education FTIC Attendance Policy

Each General Education course syllabus should include an attendance policy, which should include each of the following elements:

  • a statement that attendance is mandatory
  • the method by which the instructor will document attendance
  • criteria by which the instructor defines an excused or unexcused absence (with a link to the university attendance policy)
  • an explanation of how attendance affects a student’s grade and quantifiable consequences of absences
  • a statement about attendance for financial aid purposes

Suggested attendance policy language

Online sections should also include an attendance policy. Online course attendance policy exemplar

For assistance with the FTIC Attendance Policy, please contact the Director of General Education, Katie Riesenberg, at 850-474-2653 or

About the FTIC Attendance Policy

The General Education Course Attendance Policy for First Time in College (FTIC) Students is designed to encourage engagement and supports efforts to improve student retention at UWF.  This Policy is a subset of and acts in concert with the Class Attendance policy. This policy requires:

  • Regular attendance for FTIC students in General Education Courses is expected and will be documented.
  • Each General Education class to have a written attendance policy and requires the attendance policy to be included in the course syllabus.
  • The faculty member teaching a General Education Course is to record the last day of class attendance for all FTIC students enrolled in the course.

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