General Studies/General Education Appeals

Appeals to allow other coursework to fulfill General Studies or General Education, Gordon Rule, and/or Multicultural requirements are reviewed by the General Education Committee. The General Education Committee also considers waivers of General Studies or General Education and Multicultural requirements. Please note that waivers are not granted for the Gordon Rule writing or math requirements.

Students should work with their academic advisors to develop their appeals to allow transfer coursework to fulfill General Education requirements. Please make sure to include any documentation that is relevant to the appeal. Types of documentation include, but are not limited to, a course syllabus (preferred), catalog description, or letter from the instructor that includes course details. Any questions regarding these appeals can be directed to the Director of General Education at

Appeal Forms

  • Evaluation of Transfer Coursework Form
    • This form is used to request an equivalency evaluation of transfer coursework intended to satisfy Florida Common Core (FCC) requirements. Transfer coursework used to fulfill FCC requirements must be deemed equivalent to a specific course in the FCC choices. Equivalency is determined by the responsible academic department. When complete and documentation attached, the form should be sent to the responsible academic department.
  • General Education/General Studies Appeal Form
    • This form is used to request evaluation of transfer coursework intended to satisfy General Education Breadth/Electives, Gordon Rule, and /or Multicultural requirements. Students initiate this form through MyUWF and instructions are available online in the UWF Public Knowledge Base under Starting an Academic Appeal. Students must attach appropriate documentation (course syllabus, catalog description, or letter from the instructor) in order for the committee to review.

General Education Course Selection

The General Education course selection sheet provides an alternate visual rendering of the General Education curriculum.

General Education Course Selection 2017-18‌ (11X17)