211x278.Katie Riesenberg CASSH. Associate Dean

Katie Riesenberg

As student, scholar and professional, Katie Riesenberg has been at the University of West Florida since 2005. In 2009, she completed UWF’s Kugelman Honors Program and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history. Riesenberg continued her education at UWF and received a Master of Arts in history in 2011. As a graduate student, Katie participated in UWF’s first College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Academy. As a participant, she served as a graduate teaching assistant, completed a communication-training course focused on best practices for teaching at the university level, and taught two semesters of Western Perspectives I. 

From 2012 to 2015, she served as a lecturer and academic advisor in the Department of History. During that time, Riesenberg taught Western Perspectives I, United States History to 1877, and Methods and Materials Colloquium, while advising approximately 175 history majors and minors.

As assistant dean, one of Riesenberg’s primary roles is to serve as director of advising, which includes the oversight, supervision, evaluation, and assessment of the academic advisors in CASSH. As assistant dean, Riesenberg also directs the Bachelor of General Studies program; supervises curriculum improvements; collaborates with the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs as well as the First Year Advising Center; and actively serves on committees promoting the college’s mission.