CAS Technology

Our mission in CAS Technology Services is to enrich the teaching and learning experience for students by providing high-quality technology, information and service for the College of Arts and Sciences. We will strive to provide prompt and efficient service whether planning for specific departmental needs, hardware or software questions, or information on general services that are available. We are the point of contact for technology for the College of Arts and Sciences.

CAS Tech Facilities
CAS Help Desk located in Building 41 Room 122. Staffed Monday through Friday 7:30AM - 4:00PM.

CAS Help Desk 

The CAS Helpdesk provides departmental support for computer related issues, as well as lab support. The helpdesk is a first stop for many support issues, and can be a hub to the many other support groups on campus. The CAS helpdesk provides local service for those departments without any, and is a secondary support for those departments with local support. The helpdesk currently is expanding, and broadening its services.

How a Helpdesk Request Works

The CAS Helpdesk staff works in conjunction with the ITS Helpdesk to provide a more efficient system of responding to your requests. When you email or call, that request goes straight to the univeristy's call center at the ITS Helpdesk. If your request can not be answered over the phone, your request will be entered into a work request system and routed to the CAS support technicians. You will get an automated email that your request was received and our staff will be the ones that take care of your request. This ensures that you get the most efficient service possible. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Don Thompson and he'll be glad to return your call.


Various Services

  • Maintain and set up of small department computer labs
  • Uprade and maintenance on faculty/staff computers
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Light network support
  • Computer revamps
  • Computer usage guidance/assistance
  • New computer setups/exchanges