Online Programs and Courses

Several of the SAHLS courses and programs may be taken online. They include:

Certificate Programs are also online including:

  • Medical Informatics, graduate level
  • Public Health, graduate level
    • Emergency Management specialization
    • Environmental Health specialization
    • Infection Control specialization
    • Occupational Safety and Health specialization
  • Public Health, undergraduate level
    • Public Health Preparedness and Response specialization

Some online courses may require exams to be taken under the supervision of an approved proctor within the geographic location of the student. Some online programs also include internship hours which can be completed with an approved preceptor at the student’s geographic location. The purpose of internship opportunities in various programs is to provide supervised, real-world work experience in preparation for the career paths students many enter upon graduation.

For a complete listing of all currently scheduled courses and on-line registration dates and information, click here.