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UWF is a member of the Call to Serve Network. This is a national initiative, “A Call to Serve: Leaders in Education Allied for Public Service,” which is designed to educate a new generation about the importance of a strong civil service, help re-establish links between federal agencies and campuses, and provide students with information about federal jobs.

A search of the USAJOBS site on 02/08/07 for jobs in "allied health" OR "health sciences" OR "health science" anywhere in the world yielded 202 results for jobs at the federal level alone. Sample job titles included:

  • Health Science Specialist, $30,996.00+, hired by the Department Of Veterans Affairs
  • Research Health Science Specialist, $37,723.00+, hired by the Department Of Veterans Affairs
  • Health Scientist, $46,041.00+, hired by the Department Of Labor
  • Research Program Analyst, $55,706.00+, hired by the Department Of Health And Human Services
  • Performing this search at the same site with these job titles only ("Health Science Specialist" OR "Research Health Science Specialist" OR "Health Scientist" OR "Research Program Analyst") yielded 95 jobs at the federal level. Entry salaries were $30,996+ for jobs requiring a Bachelor's degree only. Advanced positions with these same job titles indicated top salaries of $110,363+ for administrative positions requiring additional advanced graduate degrees in health related fields.
  • Where are these jobs? Here is a map of the United States indicating where the bottom 50% of these jobs (in terms of a salary range of $30,996-$79,397) were located on 02/08/07, built using the "Map Results" feature at the USAJOBS site.

What does this degree cost? This will depend in part on your transfer credits, enrollment status at UWF, and the track you choose (there are 8!). Check out the online charts that match your situation basic tuition rates or online course rates) and do the math - the answer may surprise you!

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