B.S. Health Sciences - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I meet with my advisor?

  • You will need to meet with your departmental advisor to set up a degree plan once you reach sophomore level or higher.
  • A degree plan will need to be set up before you can register for your classes.
  • A student may schedule an appointment to see an advisor anytime during the semester if you have questions, but it is recommended that you schedule an appointment at least 1 month prior to registration.

How do I set up an appointment with my advisor?

  • Appointments can be scheduled through e-mail healthsciences@uwf.edu, phone 850-474-6004 or by stopping by the office in Building 63.

What is an "advising hold"? And why do I have one?

  • You may notice various holds on your MyUWF account. The CAS advising hold simply means that you must see an academic advisor before you can register for classes. You will also need to see your advisor to discuss your new schedule before the hold can be lifted for registration. Once you have met with your advisor, the hold is lifted through the drop/add period for the next semester.

When will I be classified as a senior?

  • You will be classified as a senior once you complete at least 90 semester hours "and" also complete at least 20 semester hours at the 3/4000 level. This also does not include the semester hours that you are currently enrolled in. Hours need to be fully completed before they can count towards these totals.

Do you take walk-in appointments?

  • SAHLS makes every effort to help students, but it is highly recommended that you call or e-mail an advisor for an appointment. This will ensure greater success with the advising process. Please review your SASS audit prior to your appointment. UWF SASS is the clearest picture of your journey towards graduation. Our advisors will help you decipher the information contained in the SASS audit. It is available to all students in the www.My.UWF.edu under “Academic Records.” Here is a link to additional SASS access help.

How can I change my class schedule after the semester has started?

  • Drop/Add period (1st week of semester) - You will be able to drop or add courses through MyUWF during this period. Please consult with your advisor before doing so.
  • After the 1st week of semester - You will be able to withdraw (not drop) from individual courses up until the 11th week of the semester, and withdrawal requests can be processed through your MyUWF account. You will be unable to add any additional courses to your schedule after the 1st week of the semester.

How do I apply for graduation?

  • The application for graduation is for the posting of your degree and the mailing of your diploma.
  • Application for completion of AA degree is available here.
  • Participation in commencement is optional, and details are available at the Commencement RSVP.
  • See Graduation Information for more details.

If I plan to repeat a course to earn a better grade, what are my options? Also, what is Grade Forgiveness and how do I apply?

How do I calculate my GPA?

  • Your SASS Audit has the most accurate GPA data, this link explains how grades are converted to GPA numbers: calculating my GPA

How do I interpret my SASS Audit?

What employment opportunities are available with my degree?

Why should I log into MyUWF?

  • The advisors use your information in MyUWF to get in contact with you. Once the semester has started, be sure to do the following:
    -make sure your mailing address and phone number are current
    -check your UWF email regularly
  • Email is UWF's official mode of contact with students! Your advisor will send emails throughout the semester regarding important deadlines and registration.

What is a transient student?

  • It is designed for degree-seeking UWF students who have permission to enroll in courses at another Florida Public University or College. Transient students may need to complete and submit additional information such as an application or transcripts prior to registration. Contact the institution at which you intend to enroll in courses for institutional policies regarding transient students. UWF students should consult with their advisors prior to enrolling in any courses at other institutions. Courses completed as a transient student are evaluated as transfer courses upon receipt of an official transcript.
  • The Transient Student Form is available online through FLVC.org. At the home page select "Apply" and then "Transient Student Admissions Application".
  • UWF students enrolling in courses at another institution through a consortium agreement should contact the UWF Financial Aid Office for additional information. Students are responsible for having official transcripts sent to UWF upon completion of coursework.
  • Students from other institutions enrolling in courses at UWF will be classified as non-degree seeking and are subject to the policies and procedures for non-degree seeking students as stated in the Catalog. Please refer to the Catalog for specific information. Interested students should go to FACTS.org and select the "College Students" link, Section titled "Transferring" (select Take classes at another college [Transient Student Admission Application]). FACTS.org is Florida's official online student advising system.
For additional information, please contact:
Health Sciences at healthsciences@uwf.edu or call (850) 857-6004.