Master of Public Health: Careers in Public Health

Resources for Finding a Career in Public Health

Students in the MPH program are encouraged to identify prospective jobs of interest early in their program. Start with your MPH Academic Advisor and fellow students for advise on early career planning and a heads-up on recently posted opportunities. Also, review each of the resources on this page, and make a phone call now if a posting peaks your interest. It is never too early to talk with prospective employers and ask if internship opportunities are available as a way to get a possible foot in the door for the job you really want upon graduation! Also, be sure to visit UWF's Career Services pages often for announcements of upcoming job fairs in the regional area.

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Career Services/JasonQuest
Student Job Resource Center
Public Health Employment Connection

Suggestions from UWF's MPH Steering Committee

When you begin the MPH program, we'll ask you to add each of these sites to your Favorites so you can track jobs in your preferred geographic area:

Help from UWF

To prepare for the internship and post-graduation job opportunities, MPH students are also required to register early with:

If you are a prospective student for the MPH program, please feel free to register with these job services early to learn more about careers in this field.

Examples of Employers and Job Titles