Our Mission

Mission Statement for the School of Allied Health and Life Sciences

Nursing student with a child

The School of Allied Health and Life Sciences(SAHLS) is dedicated to the creation, transmission, application and preservation of knowledge. Within this framework, the primary mission of the School is to develop and offer formal educational programs in the life and health sciences to current and future students and to be a vital source of well-trained and highly skilled graduates to the local, regional and national health care and life sciences community.

Our Values

A set of values form the foundation upon which we have created a vision and mission for the School. This same set of values will support and direct our efforts to pursue and fulfill the vision and mission of the School of Allied Health and Life Sciences. These values include:


  • Integrity and candor in the pursuit of knowledge through intellectual inquiry and discourse
  • Dedication to and innovation in educating our students to excel
  • Excellence in teaching, research and service
  • Creativity in designing and implementing our programs to fit the needs of the region
  • Cooperation and collaboration with community and UWF partners in providing quality education in the life and health sciences
  • Diversity in thought, attitude, understanding, appreciation and practice
  • Responsibility in managing, utilizing and protecting our resources and the environment
  • Concern over the creation of a safe and dynamic learning environment that encourages development of individual potential

Our Vision

To be the principal center of education, research and academic public service in the life and health sciences in Northwest Florida.

  • to be a center of education in the life and health sciences,
  • to provide to a heterogeneous student body an excellent education that addresses and serves their individual and professional goals in the life and health sciences,
  • to engage its students in the clinical and laboratory research and community service activities of the faculty,
  • to create and conduct educational programs and to carry out research in the life and health sciences directed at solving regional problems and enhancing the quality of life in Northwest Florida,
  • to contribute, within the areas of life and health sciences, to the economic development of the Northwest Florida region and the State of Florida, and
  • to provide educational programs in the environmental and community health-related sciences which educate the public on relevant regional, state, national and international environmental issues, and promote the application of faculty expertise and directly engage faculty and students in protecting the natural environment.

Our Strategic Goals

The School of Allied Health and Life Sciences will achieve its mission by:

  • establishing an educational environment which supports high-quality programs in the life and health sciences.
  • working in close cooperation with area health care and life sciences interests to identify, plan and establish programs that address the health- and life science-related educational, research and service needs of the region.
  • promoting and enhancing partnerships with local and regional high schools and community colleges to establish seamless degree programs in life and health sciences for high school and community college graduates.
  • seeking funding from local, state, regional and national sources to build and furnish classrooms and teaching laboratories with state-of-the-art instructional technology related to the life and health professions.
  • promoting the participation of academic units throughout the University in the development and conduct of health- and life science-related programs.
  • developing specific degree programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels that lead to certification and licensure to practice in these areas within health care and the life sciences.
  • offering certificates and continuing education to practicing health care professionals, to enable them to qualify for position advancements within their area, to keep their professional certification and licensure credentials, and to remain in compliance with regulatory agencies.