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History of the School of Allied Health and Life Sciences

West Florida Hospital

History of the School

The School of Allied Health and Life Sciences was created in 2006 from the Division of Life and Health Sciences (originally created in August 2002).

An Advisory Committee was formed consisting of representatives from different walks of the health care community and from units within UWF offering health and life science related programs (e.g., Biology, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing, Psychology, the College of Business, etc.). Input from health care specialists both on the Committee and from the health care community at-large identified several areas in health care for which there was a strong demand both regionally and nationally. Subcommittees were formed to focus on investigating the demand, feasibility and requirements for developing the targeted programs. During this time, the former Director of SAHLS, Dr. George Stewart, was also asked to serve on numerous committees, task forces, and Boards of Directors that address pressing issues in the life and health sciences.

Evolving from 2002, four programs were initially identified for development over the next two to three years. The School went on-line with their Master of Public Health program in Spring 2006 in order to provide opportunities for people worldwide wishing to work in public health/allied health.

In 2006, the Master of Public Health Steering Committee was formed as a standing committee in January 2007, derived in part from the former ad hoc MPH Working Group of the Advisory Committee.

Classes offered at non-traditional times and online courses are emphasized in a variety of programs within the School to accommodate students currently employed in health care and public health settings.

Currently, SAHLS consists of BS in Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Sciences, and the Master of Public Health.

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