Human Development

Students approaching the Psychology Building

Focus on Human Development

The Bachelor of Arts degree program offers an undergraduate the opportunity to focus on human development. Potential students who might choose this path include those who wish to pursue careers upon their graduation as well as those who choose to pursue advanced degrees in psychology or related fields.

In addition to learning about the development and change of behavior and experience, students will develop skills in communication, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal interaction. These skills are a good foundation for many careers, as well as for a productive and statisfying personal life.

Students who select the Human Development focus can pursue individual interests through directed independent studies with faculty mentors, field studies with local agencies or ongoing research projects with faculty members.

Students have the opportunity to study human development across the lifespan, focus on childhood, adolescence, or adulthood and aging, and work with faculty mentors on field studies and research projects. 

Student Research Themes

Students in our undergraduate program have many opportunities for conducting research with faculty mentors in areas such as:

  • Successful aging
  • Parenting styles and child discipline practices
  • Everyday problems and affective reactions among adolescents
  • Social isolation and victimization by bullies
  • Perceived social support among adult caregivers of senior adults
  • Creating classroom environments to foster critical thinking 

Courses within the program

  • DEP 2004 Human Development Acress the Lifespan
  • DEP 3103 Child Development
  • DEP 4305 Psychology of Adolescence
  • DEP 4401 Adulthood and Aging
  • DEP 4990L Lab in Child and Adolescent Development

Careers our students have pursued

  • Work in the childcare industry
  • Work in social service agencies serving the needs of high risk adolescents
  • Work in facilities and agencies serving the needs of senior adults
  • Work with schools on alternative educational programs 

Our students have been accepted in doctoral programs in

  • Educational Psychology (University of Wisconsin)
  • Experimental Psychology (University of Tennessee)
  • Applied Developmental Sciences (Florida International University. Michigan State University)
  • Developmental Psychology (Notre Dame University, Colorada State University)