Frequently Asked Questions for Students

The following questions are commonly asked by students. Please read them to learn more about participating in the PRP:

  1. Can I participate in the PRP? Absolutely. All students at UWF may participate, however, instructors decide if you may participate for extra credit in any course. Check the course syllabus to determine if participation in the PRP is an extra credit opportunity. There may be other studies that also offer a small incentive for participating. If you participate in a study that offers both, you must choose one. You cannot earn both extra credit and the small incentive for any one study and you cannot participate in any study more than once.
  2. How much extra credit will I earn from participating in the PRP? The amount of ArgoPoints that can be applied to any one course will be included on the course syllabus. This will vary from instructor to instructor, so be sure to check each syllabus carefully.
  3. What is an ArgoPoint? The amount of ArgoPoints that can be applied to any one course will be included on the course syllabus. This will vary from instructor to instructor, so be sure to check each syllabus carefully. Each ArgoPoint may only be used for one course. You may not “double-dip” and use a single ArgoPoint for more than one course. At the time that you participate in a research study or submit an alternative assignment, you will indicate the course to which you want to apply the ArgoPoints you earn. You may not change your decision and apply them to a different course later. You may earn additional ArgoPoints at another time and apply them to a different course. ArgoPoints may not be carried over to a new semester or term.
  4. What is the alternative writing assignment? On the "Completing An Alternative Assignment" webpage you will find a list of approved articles. Select an article you wish to read and complete a 2 page, double-spaced paper in which you summarize the article and describe what it was like to participate in that study. Please see the full instructions for the alternative assignment on the PRP website. You should submit one paper to receive one ArgoPoint. You should send your typed responses to the PRP coordinator at no later than 5:00 pm on the specified deadline.
  5. Can I lose ArgoPoints? In the rare case that a student may be obtaining ArgoPoints in a dishonest manner (e.g., having a roommate complete the study or paper for him/her) or consistently plagiarizes in the alternative writing assignment, the student will lose all ArgoPoints and the offense will be forwarded to the Dean of Students following the procedures of the Academic Misconduct Policy, which can be found at
  6. What if I show up late or not at all to a study? Should you choose to participate in research, you have a responsibility to show up at your scheduled time and to follow the directions of the investigator to the best of your ability. If you have to cancel an appointment, please do so as early as possible. Each student who fails to attend a scheduled appointment takes the place of a student that could have attended. You will not earn ArgoPoints if you arrive late (or not at all), however, you will not lose ArgoPoints either.
  7. How do I cancel a study? If you need to cancel participation in a research study, you should contact the investigator as early as possible. Information on how to contact the investigator is posted with each study on SONA. If you are unable to reach the investigator, you should contact the main office of the Psychology Department at (850) 474-2363 and tell them what study you are scheduled for. Only contact the main office as a last resort. You should provide the investigator with as much advanced notice as possible to allow other students to fill your time.
  8. What if I do not complete a study? During the course of the study, you reserve the right to discontinue your participation at any time without penalty. Your time in the study will be rounded up to the nearest half hour and ArgoPoints will be awarded accordingly.
  9. How do I find out my current number of ArgoPoints? Log in to your account on SONA to view this information. It is recommended that each student keep track of his/her own participation by listing the name of the study, the date of participation, and the course/instructor for which the extra credit was requested. In the event of any discrepancy or disagreement, you are responsible for providing the debriefing form from the study. So be sure to keep your debriefing form!
  10. When are ArgoPoints reported to the instructors? Instructors will receive a list of students who participated in the PRP before finals week. This should give you two weeks to ensure your points are accurate for each course. If there are any discrepancies regarding which studies you attended, you will be asked to provide your copy of the debriefing form from the study you participated in so do not lose your debriefing form.
  11. Can I participate in the PRP during the last two weeks of the semester? You can participate, but you will not receive extra credit. You may still receive the small incentive if the study offers one.
  12. What do I do if I show up to participate in the study and the investigator is not there? Wait at least 10 minutes for the investigator to arrive. If an investigator does not show up and has not cancelled at all, contact the PRP coordinator at ( or Building 41, Room 103) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the missed appointment. The PRP coordinator will obtain necessary information from you and, if it is verified, you will receive full ArgoPoint value for attempting to participate. Failure to contact the PRP coordinator immediately will result in no ArgoPoints. If an investigator cancels your appointment with MORE THAN 24 HOURS notice, you will not earn any ArgoPoints. You will need to reschedule. If an investigator cancels your appointment with LESS THAN 24 HOURS notice, you will earn 1 ArgoPoint, regardless of the number of points the study is worth. For most studies, you will be allowed to reschedule.

Frequently Asked Questions About SONA

  1. Can I change which class my points are being applied to? Yes. The PRP Coordinator can reassign your points, to apply them to a different class than you had previously selected.
  2. How do I add another class? You can add multiple classes to your account by holding the ctrl key (for pc) or the command key (for mac) when selecting. If you are unable to do so, the PRP Coordinator can add it for you.
  3. After I complete a study, when will I receive the credit? Some of the studies will automatically apply your points upon completion, because they are administered by the system. However, some surveys are done outside of the system, and a researcher must manually enter your points. Please be patient. If a week has passed, and you have not yet received credit, contact the coordinator.
  4. I forgot my information and cannot log in to the system, what can I do? The Coordinator can resend your information to you, send an email to:
  5. When signing up for an account, I listed my email incorrectly, so I never received a confirmation email. What should I do? Do NOT sign up for a second account. Email the coordinator, and your account information can be corrected.


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