Your Options as a Student Participant

It is very important that you understand that your participation in research projects is not required. Rather, it is voluntary. It is also important to understand that your decision to participate or not to participate in research will not affect your status in this course or influence the way your instructor or professor feels about you.

In Psychology courses, you have alternative options for earning extra credit. It is okay if you do not want to participate in research at all. It is also okay if you want to participate in some research studies but also want to complete alternative assignments sometimes.

Reading Psychological Research for ArgoPoints

If you choose not to participate in research at all or if you just want to earn ArgoPoints in another way sometimes, you have an alternative option available to you. You can earn extra credit by reading and reviewing empirical journal articles posted on the PRP webpage.

All course guidelines related to ArgoPoints (whether or not they are accepted, how they are translated, and the maximum number that you can earn in the course) still apply when completing article reviews.

It's Your Choice

As a final note, please remember at all times that participating in research studies for extra credit is your choice. You are free to participate or not to participate. It’s your choice.

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