What are ArgoPoints?

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ArgoPoints are participation points given to students utilizing the PRP. You can earn ArgoPoints by participating in research studies or by completing alternative reading assignments. Either way, ArgoPoints will be translated into extra credit points in an approved Department of Psychology undergraduate course.

The deadline to participate in the PRP is listed on the "Information for Students" web page. You may still participate in research after this point, but your participation will not result in ArgoPoints. You may still receive another small incentive for participation if the study offers one.

The deadline to submit alternative reading assignments for ArgoPoints this semester is is listed on the "Information for Students" web page. No assignments will be accepted after this point. Assignments must be submitted via e-mail to spbsprp@uwf.edu. They must be submitted correctly, following the assignment guidelines and guidelines for emailing assignments. Assignments that are completed or submitted incorrectly will not be counted. Assignments that are incomplete will not count either. Read the alternative assignment instructions carefully at "Completing an Alternative Assignment" before submitting.

You will earn 1 ArgoPoint for every half hour of participation, and 1 additional point for participating in laboratory studies or for completing multi-session studies.  You will earn 1 ArgoPoint when you read a research article from the approved list and submit a review paper for it, correctly following the directions for submitting alternative assignments.  These directions may be found at "Completing an Alternative Assignment."

ArgoPoints are translated into extra credit in approved courses. It is important to note that ArgoPoints will be translated differently for each course according to the syllabus for that specific course. The amount of extra credit that is assigned for each ArgoPoint is at the discretion of your individual instructor/professor. Read your syllabus carefully to determine the answers to the following questions:

  1. Are ArgoPoints accepted in this course?
  2. How are ArgoPoints translated in this course?
  3. What is the maximum number of ArgoPoints that you can use in this course?

Each ArgoPoint may only be used for one course. You may not “double-dip” and use a single ArgoPoint for more than one course. At the time that you participate in a research study or submit an alternative assignment, you will indicate the course to which you want to apply the ArgoPoints you earn. You may not change your decision and apply them to a different course later. You may earn additional ArgoPoints at another time and apply them to a different course. Finally, ArgoPoints may not be carried over to a new semester or term.


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