Investigator Instructions for Using the PRP

Deadline for Participating in a Research Study:November 21st

Step 1:
Investigators who wish to draw from the Psychology Research Pool (PRP) to recruit research participants must submit the following the the PRP Coordinator at

  1. PRP Research Pool Request
  2. Documentation of approval of the research project by the University of West Florida Institutional Review Board
  3. A copy of the Informed Consent
  4. A description of the debriefing procedures
  5. A copy of the flyer announcing your study

Please do not begin collecting data for ArgoPoints until you have been notified of the posting and until you understand how to use the ArgoPoint Participant Reporting form.

Step 2:
Once the necessary forms are approved by the PRP coordinator, your study will be listed on the website as available to participants. The PRP coordinator will then contact you by e-mail to notify you of the posting. After this time you may begin running participants in your study.

Step 3:
Download the ArgoPoint Participant Reporting Form and be sure that you understand how to complete it. Please contact the PRP coordinator if you have any questions about using it.

Note: During data collection, take care to ensure that students who receive payment (or some other incentive) for completing your study are not also listed on the ArgoPoint Participant Reporting Form.

Step 4:
Be sure that you submit the completed ArgoPoint Participant Reporting Form to the PRP coordinator at by 5:00 p.m. on the specified deadline. Your cooperation will ensure that the students receive their extra credit before final grades are posted.

Note: Students may participate in your study after the ArgoPoint deadline, but they may not earn ArgoPoints. They may receive another small incentive for participation during this time.

Step 5:
If you would like to continue data collection and offer ArgoPoints for your study during the next semester, please inform the PRP coordinator at the time that you submit your ArgoPoint Participant Reporting Form.

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For more information contact the PRP Coordinator at