Information for Investigators


Deadline for Participating in a Research Study: 

  • Term B: June 13th
  • Terms A, C, &D: July 25th at 5:00 p.m.

Only investigators affiliated with the Psychology Department may use participants from the PRP. This includes: (1) Faculty members in the department; (2) Graduate students under the direction of tenure-track, tenured, or emeritus faculty sponsors; and (3) Undergraduate students conducting research (e.g., honors thesis or directed study) under the direction of tenure-track, tenured, or emeritus faculty sponsors. The department chair will review any other requests from individuals not included in the list above if proper Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval has been obtained. 

Any investigator wishing to use undergraduate Psychology Department students in their research must recruit participants through the PRP. If you feel that your research is an exception to using the PRP (e.g., running a classroom-based study), you must get clearance from the chair of the Psychology Department. All investigators must have IRB approval for their research and must have training on the ethical treatment of human participants (again, some special circumstances can be cleared with the department chair such as running an evaluation of the PRP for internal use). To get started using the PRP, view this instructional video:

For more information see the "Frequently Asked Questions for Investigators" or contact the PRP Coordinator at