Instructions for Instructors Using the PRP

Instructors who wish to allow extra credit through the Psychology Research Pool (PRP) must follow these guidelines:

  1. Notify the PRP Coordinator at that your course is participating in the PRP.
  2. Download the PRP Syllabus Language Spring 2012-2 document for an example of the text needed to incorporate ArgoPoint extra credits into your syllabus.
  3. Determine the translation of ArgoPoints to extra credit points for your courses and add the approved language to the syllabus of each participating course.
  4. Wait to receive the report of students in your course earning credit from the PRP. This report will be in a password protected Excel spreadsheet customized for each instructor. If you do not receive a report, please contact the PRP coordinator at

Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

PRP Syllabus Language Spring 2012-2

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For more information contact the PRP Coordinator at