Industrial-Organizational Concentration Requirements

In addition to general University requirements, students seeking the M.A. in Psychology must meet the requirements listed below.

Graduate students should develop their degree plans with their advisors during the first semester of graduate work. All students must complete University requirements and a planned degree program of at least 42 sh (45 sh for the Counseling Psychology Specialization; 60 sh for the Licensed Mental Health Counselor Specialization) with at least a 3.0 GPA and with these stipulations:

  • Only 6 sh may be at the 3000- or 4000-level. Usually these hours may NOT be in psychology, especially prerequisites to the graduate program.
  • Only with approval of the advisor and department chairperson may courses outside the Department of Psychology (except required courses) be taken toward the total sh requirement.
  • All students must complete PSY 6217 Research Design in Psychology; either STA 5206 Analysis of Variance or STA 5207 Applied Regression Analysis or STA 5166Special Topics in Statistics; and at least one course from each of the four core areas (Individual, Acquired, Biological, and Social).

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration (Effective Fall 2014)

Course TitleCourse NumberSemester Hours
INP 6216 Personnel Selection & Appraisal (Fulfills Individual Basis of Behavior core requirement)
INP 6325 Training & Development (Fulfills Acquired Basis of Behavior core requirement) 3
EXP 5256 Human Factors  (Fulfills Biological Basis of Behavior core requirement) 3
SOP 6669 Advanced Organizational Psychology (Fulfills Social Basis of Behavior core requirement) 3
SOP 6668 Organizational Change & Development 3
INP 6385 Group Dynamics 3
INP 5131 Legal Issues in I-O Psychology 3
INP 6255 Methods in Personnel 2
INP 5087 Ethics in IO Psychology 1
  Elective 3
PSY 6217 Research Design 3
Choose one of the following:
STA 5206 Analysis of Variance 3
STA 5207 Applied Regression Analysis 3
STA 5166 Special Topics in Statistics 3
Choose one of the following:
PSY 6917 Supervised Research (Terminal Research Project; TeRP) 6
PSY 6948 Internship 6
PSY 6971 Thesis 6
    Total of 42 Hours

For each semester that the student is working on the supervised research, thesis, or internship, the student must register for at least 1 sh of thesis or internship credit. A maximum of 6 sh of supervised research, thesis, or internship credit may be counted toward the total sh degree requirement (45 sh for the Counseling Psychology Specialization or 60 sh for the Licensed Mental Health Counselor Specialization). Students doing an internship are required to submit a portfolio and paper as described in the Department of Psychology Graduate Student Handbook. Upon completion of the thesis or internship, the student must present an oral defense to a master’s committee of at least two psychology faculty members.

The Supervised Research integrative experience is the Terminal Research Project (TeRP). This can be accomplished by students completing 6 sh of PSY 6917 Supervised Research. This option allows students to design and complete an independent empirical study under the supervision of a two member faculty supervisory committee with the committee head being a tenure track faculty member from the Department of Psychology. The terminal experience for students who choose this option will consist of three elements:

  • Completing an empirical study and having an initial defense before the TeRP committee
  • Making an oral presentation to the students and faculty of the Department and invited guests
  • Preparing a manuscript intended for publication in a refereed academic journal

With the advisor’s approval, a student may apply a maximum of 6 sh of graduate work taken at another University toward the degree. With the approval of the department chairperson, a maximum of 10 sh of transfer credit may be accepted toward the degree.

All master’s work must have been taken within six years preceding completion of the degree requirements or the student may be required to demonstrate currency, e.g., to pass an examination covering the expired course work.