Industrial-Organizational Concentration

The 42 sh Industrial-Organizational (I-O) concentration combines traditional personnel psychology (selection, performance appraisal, test construction and validation, fair employment practices, and legal issues) with the more interpersonal emphasis of organizational psychology (motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, interpersonal communication, organizational diagnosis, and change). The curriculum meets the needs of students who plan to be employed at the master’s level in organizational settings as well as those who wish to pursue a doctoral program in a related field at another University.

The I-O program meets all standards of the Council of Applied Masters Programs in Psychology (CAMPP) and the Masters of Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).

Research Opportunities

We have an active faculty conducting a wide range of both basic and applied research. Their current research interests include topics such as: Boredom, Distracted Driving, Effective Leadership, Group Dynamics, Situation Awareness, Training, Work-Life Balance, Work Force Diversity and Workplace Safety.

Students are consistently involved in faculty research and encouraged to pursue their own research interests. Their work is frequently presented at national and regional conferences and in many cases their work results in publications in refereed journals.

Why choose Psychology at UWF?

  1. The education and development of the individual student is our primary concern.
  2. We value teaching as much as research. Most classes are small, and students have easy access to faculty.
  3. Most classes are taught by our doctoral-level faculty. In addition, courses are taught by experienced local researchers and practitioners, as adjunct professors.
  4. Students interested in research may become involved in a wide range of existing research programs or pursue topics of particular interest or value to them.
  5. Many graduate students become authors on publications while at UWF, often as senior author. Publications greatly help students get into doctoral programs, attain desired employment and receive research funds.
  6. Many UWF students go on to doctoral programs or degree-related employment. By maintaining a quality program at UWF, we have facilitated our graduate students’ admission to doctoral programs and meaningful employment.

Have further questions?

If you need further information about our graduate program please contact us at or 850-474-2969. For specific questions about the Industrial-Organizational Concentration contact Dr. Steven Vodanovich at or 850-474-2944.

Visit our campus!

The UWF Graduate School offers a Graduate School Campus Visit that is a walking tour of the campus and includes a visit to our department and an opportunity to meet our department chair or our academic coordinator.