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Department Business

If you would like to receive a packet of information about graduate admissions, please e-mail the school staff with your mailing address, or write us at the postal address below.

If you wish to reach a specific faculty member you can find contact information on their homepage. See the Department of Psychology Faculty listing for links to their homepages.

Key Department Contacts:

Department Chairperson: Dr. Steven Kass
Phone: 850-474-2363; e-mail:

Applied Experimental Concentration: please contact Dr. Kass as shown above.

Counseling Concentration: Dr. Robert Rotunda
Phone:850-474-2294; e-mail:

Industrial-Organizational Concentration: Dr. Steven Vodanovich
Phone: 850-474-2944; e-mail:

Graduate Admissions: please contact Dr. Vodanovich as shown above.

Undergraduate Advising: contact our Academic Peer Counselors

Southeastern Psychological Association:

General Contact Information

If you do not know whom in the department you need to reach, please use the contact information below:

Voice: 850-474-2363
Fax: 850-857-6060

Main Office Location: Building 41, Room 250

Department Postal Address:
Department of Psychology
11000 University Parkway
Building 41, Room 250
Pensacola, FL 32514