Program Description

The Department of Physics at the University of West Florida is committed to providing quality education in physics and offers a B.S. degree in physics with two specialization options, physics and engineering physics. There are four full-time faculty members who contribute to research programs in Organic Thin Film Preparation & Characterization, Nonlinear Optics and Phase Conjugation, Theoretical Quantum Optics, and Computational Condensed Matter Physics. The physics classes are generally small and are taught by highly-qualified faculty members rather than graduate students. Professors are readily available and willing to interact with students on a personal level. All faculty members usually have extended office hours. Students are encouraged to participate in various fields of research and work side-by-side with faculty.

Lecturer Positions Available in Physics

The University of West Florida is looking for new lecturers in Physics. Check out the UWF Human Resource website for more information on employment at UWF.