Minor in Philosophy

Philosophy is the systematic study of those questions which are most central to human experience, most common to all of us, and also the source of much controversy. It is the reasoned exploration both of the relationship between appearance and reality and of the nature of human values. With logical rigor and through open dialogue, philosophy asks: what can I know? what ought I do? and where did I park my car?

Program Description

To earn the 12 sh Minor in Philosophy, it is recommended that students include at least one history course and one course in methods and problems. Students in the Philosophy Specialization may not earn this minor.

Catalog Description
Philosophy Academic Learning Compact

Four-Year Degree Plan

Please keep in mind that this degree plan is a recommended plan or guide. Students are not required to follow this plan to the letter and may be required to deviate from it due to course availability and other factors. Please consult with your academic adviser regarding all such matters.

Four-Year Degree Plan

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