Directed Studies

How to Enroll in a Directed Study

First, you must go to a professor either with a project in mind, such as reviewing a specific book or paper, or at least with a general area in mind--6th c. Islamic feminism, e.g.--and ask for help in locating an author or book or paper.

The professor who has most the expertise in the chosen area should direct the independent study.

Then, student and professor agree on a title, a schedule, work requirements, etc. Typically, for a PHI3905 level, an 8-10 page paper is to be expected, and for a PHI4905 one, 10-12 pages.

Once you complete this process, you may contact the Philosophy office administrator, Dr. Jack Giddens, to register you in the course. You can email him at or call 850-474-2672.